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Analog photography
Artist residency at l'Imprimerie centre d'artistes, 2023 

"The Albert Dumouchel Prize promotes the emergence of new practices in the printed arts by celebrating the audacity and quality of the research of emerging artists. In collaboration with Arprim, the winning artist gets a three-month residency at l'Imprimerie centres d'artistes, including access to the workshops at all times."


I would first like to thank the sculptor and molder artist Vincent Lussier for having enthusiastically taken part in this first experience of the "molder-molded", for his confidence, for his time and his gift of self. Thanks also to Paula Youwakim for the chaperonning in the adventure of analog cameras. 

I would like to thank the whole team of the Imprimerie centre d'artistes for the generous opportunity. Thank you for making this project possible, for supporting emerging artists in such a welcoming and warm environment. A precious thank you to Julie Ciot for the assistance and professional advice on lighting. A big thank you to Caroline Savaria for the numerous printing tests and the support in image processing.  

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Vincent Lussier, mouleur I

Inkjet archival print on Museo Sylver Rag

Medium format

54,5 x 41 cm
Edition of 3

91,5 x 71 cm

Edition of 3

Vincent Lussier, mouleur II

Inkjet archival print on Museo Sylver Rag

Medium format

40,5 x 27 cm
Edition f 3

137 x 91,5 cm

Édition of 3

I create a bridge between two disciplines: sculpture and printing. In these photographs, I propose a parallel between sewing and molding; the lines define shapes that cut out an object, an object that would take on volume when the pieces are assembled.

With the portrait as a photographic approach, I capture on the body of the artist sculptor and molder Vincent Lussier, what could be a piece of mold. The lines drawn suggest the shape of a sewing pattern or even that of a part of a mould. While these lines delimit and orient what is given to see, the image makes it possible to reflect the body as an object as the molder does. The analog capture on film allows me to reveal the image in its materiality.

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